Searchdialogs arose from an idea by Eric ten Westenend to allow adding search capabilities to a database application in an easy way. Not reprogramming a search functionality over and over again, not several different implementations of searching throughout the application, no per-application solution anymore. A standard way of searching that is easy to use for the end-user and easy to implement for the programmer.

While Eric was able to develop his idea to quite a professional level, I still saw possibilities to extend the idea. I also wanted to allow other Delphi developers to use the powerful solution freely. Erik Stok search dialogs is what resulted.


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Latest versions of the components (visit sourceforge for earlier versions):

Source only



Standard components (DB express, ADO, Interbase express and BDE).


Version zeos

Zeos implementation. Compatible with Zeos DBO 6.1.5, stable release.


Version flashfiler

FlashFiler 2 implementation. Compatible with FlashFiler 2, package version 2.13.


Version nexus

Nexus DB implementation. Compatible with Nexus 1.0.8.


Version fib

FIB plus implementation. Compatible with FIB plus 6.0.
This implementation has been created by Marc Geldon.


Version DBISAMExt

DBISAM Extension implementation. Compatible with DBISAM 4.18, package version 1.60.
This implementation has been created by Mischa de Jager.


Version Jedi Unified InterBase

Jedi Unified Interbase implementation. Compatible with Jvcl 3.00.



Version 1.2.1 demo

Demo application showing what the components are all about.


Version install

Standard components (DB express, ADO, Interbase express and BDE).


Source only


Midas implementation

This is the first attempt to create a midas (datasnap) implementation of the search dialog. For now it is very simple, straightforward and not secure at all, but it works. A demo application should be added to demonstrate how to implement this (will be added later). Remember, this is still a beta.


Help file

Unfinished, but maybe good enough to help you on your way.


Special thanks for the contributions of: Alice Dijkstra, Frank van Boven and Marc Geldon.